1x1 Rib Also 2x2 rib knit trim. The width of each rib is the same as the width between each rib. This helps the garment retain its elasticity.

2-Way Zipper A zipper with two zipper pulls so that it can be unzipped from either direction.

4-Needle Stitched Double-Needle stitched but with four stitches.

All-Weather Microfiber 100% Polyester Microfiber with waterproof coating and fully taped seams. 100% waterproof.

Anti-Pill A treatment applied to garments primarily to resist the formation of little balls on the fabric’s surface due to abrasion during wear.

Argyle Typically a diamond pattern woven into a garment.

Baby Pique Very small pique knit. See Pique Knit.

Back Pleats Tiny folds in the material on the back of a garment that allow for more room and comfort.

Back Yoke A piece of fabric that connects the back of a garment to the shoulders. This allows the garment to lay flat and drape nicely.

Bartacked Reinforced stitching; for example, the rivets used on the pockets of jeans.

Basket Weave Knit process of weaving yarns back and forth resulting in a two-tone appearance.

Birdseye Jacquard A small geometric pattern with a center dot knit into the fabric.

Blanket Stitch A decorative stitch used to finish an unhemmed blanket. The stitch can be seen on both sides of the blanket.

Bonded or Reconstituted leather This is a synthethised material whose normal latex backing is impregnated with reclaimed individual leather fibres (which vary in content dependant on the manufacturer). The surface finishe is usually a polyureathane laminate and is produced in sheets or rolls.

Box Pleat A single, uniform fold in the center back of a garment to allow for more room and comfort.

Brushed Cotton Cotton fabric that is brushed to remove all the excess lint and fibers from the fabric, leaving an ultra soft, smooth finish.

Button-Through Sleeve Placket A small placket located on the sleeve, by the cuff, which contains a single button closure.

Cami-Strap Very narrow shoulder straps.

Casual Microfiber 100% Polyester Microfiber fabric that is water repellent and wind resistant.

Cavalry Twill A type of Twill Weave (Pattern of the Twill).

Chambray A dressier fabric woven with white threads across colored threads.

Collarette The trim around the neck of a t-shirt or sweatshirt.

Combed Cotton Cotton yarn that has been combed to remove short fibers and straighten or arrange longer fibers in parallel order resulting in a smooth yarn used in finer garments.

Cool Mesh Similar to a pique knit but with a more open texture for increased breathability. Features a soft hand for better comfort.

Cool Weave Similar to a pique knit, but with a more open texture for increased breathability. Slightly larger knit than Cool Mesh, it has a denser feel.

Cord Locks A stopper or toggle on a drawcord that keeps the cord from retracting into the garment.

Coverseamed A finish in which two needles are used to create parallel rows of visible stitching.It is used around the neck, armholes, waistband, and wrists of garments to create a cleaner, more durable finish.

Denier A density of the weave in a nylon or polyester product.

Dobby A decorative weave, usually geometric, that is woven into the fabric.

Double-Needle Stitched A finish used on a sleeve and/or bottom hem that uses two needles to create parallel rows of visible stitching. It gives the garment a cleaner, more finished look and adds durability.

Dry-Fiber A high activity sportswear fabric that absorbs, wicks and dries faster than average golfwear.

Drop Needle A knit fabric characterized by vertical lines within the cloth. Manufactured by “dropping” a needle from the knitting cylinder.

Duck Cloth Tightly woven fabric that provides wind and snag resistance.

Dyed-To-Match Buttons or trims that are the same color as the garment onto which they are sewn

EcoSpun A fleece outerwear fabric made from at least 50% materials reclaimed from recycled plastic soda pop bottles.

End-on-End A 2-ply weave of different color yarns that run parallel against each other so that both colors are visible.

Enzyme Washed A laundering process in which a catalytic substance is added to create a chemical change in the fabric resulting in a very soft finish, smoother appearing surface and reduced shrinkage.

Etched Tone Buttons A more upscale horn tone button with an etched pattern.

Extended Tail When the back portion of the garment is longer than the front. Assists in keeping the garment tucked in during normal activity.

Eyelets Small holes or perforations made in a series to allow for breathability. Finished with either stitching or brass grommets.

Full Cut Refers to a garment's fit as being generous and roomy.

Full Grain A completely naturally grained surface finish or texture which shows the true characteristics of the skins - higher cost.

Garment Washed A wash process where softeners are added to finished garments to help the cotton fibers relax or bloom. The result is a fabric with a thicker appearance, reduced shrinkage and a softer hand.

Garment Dyed A dyeing process that occurs after the garment is assembled.

Genuine leather/Real leather A tanned natural skin which has touch, feel, aroma, permeability and abrasion resistance which cannot be duplicated.

Herringbone A chevron or zig-zag pattern, knit into fabric.Hide Generally refers to lower grade top grain or split leather - lower cost.

High Profile A cap style with a high slope structured with buckram–a stiff fabric lining. Less fitted to the head.

Horn Tone Buttons Buttons that appear to be manufactured from horn.

Houndstooth A medium sized broken check effect that is knit into the fabric.

Interlock Knit A fabric that has two plys knit simultaneously to form one thicker and heavier ply. It has more natural stretch than a jersey knit, a soft hand, and the same appearance and feel on both sides.

Iridescent Buttons Buttons with a lustrous, rainbow-like hue.

Jacquard Knit A pattern knit directly into the fabric during the manufacturing process. Typically, 2 or more colors are used.

Jersey Knit This fabric has a definite smooth side, the outside, and a textured side, the inside.

Lamborder A flat rib knit, with specified dimensions, that is used to function as a placket and placket facing.

Leather Natural skins, which have been tanned (processed).

Locker Loop A looped piece of fabric in the neck of a garment for the convenience of hanging the garment on a hook. Can also be located at the center of the back yoke on the inside or outside of a garment.

Locker Patch A semi-oval panel sewn into the inside back portion of a garment, just under the collar seam, to reinforce the garment and minimize stretching when hung on a hook. The patch also allows for the garment tag or label to be sewn below the neckline to help prevent irritation.

Low Profile A cap style with a low slope that is more closely fitted to the head. Can be either structured or unstructured.

Matte Taslan See Taslan but with a dull finish.

Melange A mix of different colors of yarns knit together to create a heathered effect.

Mercerized A product that has gone through a process to produce a smooth, lustrous hand.

Mesh Similar to a pique knit, but with a more open texture for increased breathability. Larger knit than Cool Weave.

Micro Fleece A high density, anti-pilling fleece made of knit micro-fibers that are brushed less than a regular fleece garment. It has a high capacity for warmth without the weight.

Microfiber This fabric is tightly woven from a very fine poly thread and has a sueded finish for a luxurious, soft feel. Microfiber fabric is naturally water repellent due to its construction process and when specially treated, can also be waterproof.

Micro Cord A very fine wale cord.

Micro-Stripe An ultra-fine stripe that is knit into the fabric.

Mid Profile A cap with a slope height in between that of a High Profile and Low Profile. It is most often structured with buckram.

Mother of Pearl Logo Buttons Buttons made from Mother of Pearl, with a logo inscribed on them.

Nail Head Design A jacquard knitting pattern in which the jacquard forms a design similar to small nail heads.

Nublend™ The combination of a knitting and spinning process developed by JERZEES® for their blended fleece that helps prevent pilling.

Overdyed A process in which yarn dyed fabrics or piece dyed garments are put through an additional dye color to create unique colors.

Oxford A type of fabric where the fibers are either cotton or blended man-made fibers.

Patch Pocket A pocket attached to the outside of a garment.

Pearlized Buttons Buttons that have a pearl-colored hue.

Pewter Buttons Buttons that have a dull, metallic hue.

Pewter and Horn Tone Buttons Buttons that incorporate pewter and horn tone, usually one encompasses the other.

Pigment Dyed A type of dye used to create a distressed or washed look.

Pill Free® A process developed by Lee® to help prevent pilling on fleece garments.

Pique Knit A knitting method that creates a fine textured surface that appears similar to a birdsnest or waffle weave.

Placket The part of a shirt or jacket where the garment fastens together.

Poly-filled A warm polyester lining found in the body or sleeves of outerwear garments. It has more loft than a regular nylon lining.

Polynosic Features similar characteristics to cotton and silk, has excellent luster and very little shrinkage.

Popcorn Pique Alternating rows of 2 different pique knits; one knit is a baby pique, while the other is a larger pique that resembles small circles knit closely together.

Poplin A tightly woven, durable, medium weight cotton or cotton blend fabric made using a rib variation of the plain weave which creates a slight ridge effect.

Print Pro™ A knitting process developed by Hanes® for their fleece garments that creates a tighter knit for a better printing surface.

PVC A polyurethane coating that is added to make garments water resistant.

Raglan Sleeves Sleeves set with a diagonal seam from the neck to the armpit.

Rapid Dry A fabric designed with a unique weave to wick away moisture from the body.

Reverse Placket See Placket, but reversed for women’s garments.

Rib Knit A textured knit that has the appearance of vertical lines. It is highly elastic and retains "memory".

Ring Spun Yarn Yarn made by continuously twisting and thinning a rope of cotton fibers. The twisting makes the short hairs of cotton stand out, resulting in a stronger yarn with a significantly softer hand.

Running Stitch A stitch that is spaced equally, with the underside stitching being half the length of the external side.

R-Tek™ Fleece 100% polyester fleece with an anti-pill finish which prevents the formation of little balls on the surface of the fabric.

Sandwashed A washing process in which the fabric is washed with very fine lava rocks or rubber/silicon balls resulting in a softer fabric with a relaxed look and reduced shrinkage.

Sculpted Hem A hem that is softly rounded for fashion detail.

Self-Fabric Collar A collar that is constructed from the same material as the body of the garment.

Self-Fabric Sweatband Refers to headwear where the sweatband is constructed with the same fabric as the crown.

Serge Stitch An overcasting technique done on the cut edge of the fabric to prevent unraveling.

Side Vents Slits found at the bottom of side seams. They are fashion details that allow for comfort and ease of movement.

Singles A term used to indicate the diameter of a yarn; the smaller the number, the thicker the yarn.

Slash Pockets A pocket that has to be entered through a slash on the outside of the garment. The pocket pouch is suspended from and attached to the slash.

Split leather Section of leather split or cut from the flesh side of the top grain to enable a reduction of thickness - the surface finish of this is traditionally hand brushed or until more recently polyeurathane coated.

Stonewashed A washing process in which the fabric or garment is heavily washed with lava rocks or rubber/silicon balls. The result is a softer fabric with a distressed or weathered look and reduced shrinkage.

Storm Flap A strip of fabric sewn under or over the front zip or snap closure of an outerwear garment to protect against wind and moisture.

Structured A cap style with a lined front consisting of buckram, a stiff fabric, that controls the slope of the cap.

Sueded Cotton A fabric that goes through a brushing process to raise the nap and give the garment a soft hand.

Sueded Nylon See Sueded Cotton.

Synthetic leather or Leather-look/Coskin/Leatherette Either pVC or polyureathane surface film laminated to a fabric backing - comes in rolls - can have leather appearance that may be difficult to detect.

Tanning A method which stabilises and sanitises skins. Either a "chrome" or a "vegetable" tanning process is used.

Taped Seams A strip of fabric sewn to the seam of a garment to prevent distortion. In outerwear, taped seams aid in waterproofing.

Taslan Refers to how the fibers are woven and the resulting texture. Used mainly in outerwear garments, Taslan is a durable and water repellent nylon fabric with a slightly shiny surface.

Teklon A rugged, stronger Taslan nylon that is water repellent.

Tencel A fabric made from the cellulose found in wood pulp which is processed into a silk-like, delicate fabric.

Terra-Tek™ A durable and water repellent Taslan with a matte finish.

Terry Velour A type of material with uncut loops on both sides. It has a soft, plush feel and is water absorbent.

Triple-Needle Stitched See Double-Needle Stitched but with 3 stitches.

Tone on Tone Jacquard Collar See Jacquard Knit. The two colors being used are the same.

Top Grain Leather Full grain leather which has some correction to the surface to smooth out blemishes that the animal may have developed during its lifetime - mid range cost.

Tricot Lining A very lightweight nylon lining often used in shorts.

Tubular Collar Collar which is knit in a tube form so it has no seams.

Tuck-In Tails A shirt constructed so the back hem is longer than the front. This aids in keeping the shirt tucked-in during strenuous activities.

Tuck Stitch Refers to the look of the knit where some stitches are actually under the other stitches. Gives the shirt a waffle-weave type texture and look.

Twill A fabric characterized by micro diagonal ribs producing a soft, smooth finish.

Twill Tape Placket Lining Twill tape is attached to the inside of the placket for a fashion effect.

Underarm Grommets Small holes in the armpit area to allow breathability and air circulation.

Unstructured A low profile cap style with a natural low sloping crown. No buckram has been added to the crown.

V Patch A section of material in a V shape that is sewn onto a garment directly under the collarette. Can provide support against stretching the neck opening and is also a style component.

Vents, Front & Back Allow for breathability and may aid in ease of decoration, allowing the garment to be hooped and embroidered with no show-through on the inside of the garment. Some vents are tacked down and are for fashion purposes only.

Waffle Weave/Knit A waffle, or square pattern, knit or woven into a garment.

Washer Nylon A nylon garment treated with a special finish to produce a crinkled effect.

Weathered Twill A special dye process resulting in a softer fabric with a weathered appearance that will continue to enhance with each wash.

Welt Collar and/or Cuffs A single ply fabric with a finished edge that is used for collars and cuffs on sport shirts and short sleeve garments.

Wood Tone Buttons Buttons that simulate a wood appearance.

Yarn Dyed Yarn that has been dyed prior to the weaving or knitting of the garment.

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